PTC Foot Heater Home And Office Portable Personal Table Mini Fan Camping Heater

Air contact heat dissipation, heating is warm and not dry. Quiet operation, no fan, no noise. Beautiful appearance, easy installation, no need for wiring, saving time and effort. High-quality phase change heat storage material, high energy utilization efficiency and long service life. Seiko-grade high-quality anti-corrosion aluminum-magnesium alloy shell, corrosion resistance and high temperature resistance, no deformation, slow release heat dissipation after heat storage. Mobile heating station, can be moved at any time according to the demand, suitable for a variety of places. Energy saving and emission reduction, photovoltaic heat storage, green heating; no electricity bill, 24-hour free heating. Low voltage safety, continuous and stable heating, no risk of electric shock. Safe and reliable operation, maintenance-free, save the maintenance trouble of traditional heating, longer service life.

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